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Best Money Transfer Service

Money Transfer Service

The best way to send money online
Instant Money Transfer Send money with the click of a mouse or a tap on your screen.
Transfer to anyone As long as you have an email address for your recipient, they can receive online payments from your Simu Smart Shop Account – even if they don’t have an account yet.
Secure payment systems When you send money through our Money Transfer service, you’re protecting yourself with industry-leading secure payment systems.
Receive online payments, instantly When senders use our Money Transfer service, other Simu Smart Shop members around the world can accept the money instantly. As long as they have an online account from Simu Smart Shop, it just takes a few simple clicks.
Transferring money in and out With so many options for transferring money in and out of your Simu Smart Shop Account, it’s easy to transfer money online and receive money online too.
A global solution Simu Smart Shop is proud to offer a truly international Money Transfer service, with 22 currencies supported - we enable you to send money with automatic currency conversion.